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Quaker – Zero Growth Economy Conference

October 21, 2009 By: davecoaker Category: Study/Theology

A Zero Growth Economy? What would it mean for us all? 

Some environmentalists have called for the establishment of a zero-growth economy as the only possible route to real sustainability. Some economists have pointed out that eras of high government spending on environmental projects have coincided exclusively with times of high economic growth and a financial “feel-good” mood.

We are now on the verge of a world-wide recession, with banks and businesses failing and governments casting around in vain for a solution. Whatever the outcome, we will all still be feeling the ripples, if not the tidal waves, by the autumn.

The conference examined the implications of a zero growth economy on both the environment and on people, and considered the right relationships between protecting the environment and alleviating poverty.

Visit here For the papers and recordings from the conference.

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